Heart Healthy Vacation Tips

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Written by: Katherine Elphick

Going on vacation? If you have heart disease, be sure to check out these 6 heart healthy tips, courtesy of Dr. Brad Dibble of Pace Cardiology.

1) Depending upon your condition, you may want to talk to your doctor before the trip to ensure travel is safe. And don’t forget to pack your physician’s contact information, a copy of your electrocardiogram (ECG), extra medication (in case of delays), and a list of your current meds.

2) If travelling by plane, be sure to walk the aisles every few hours to avoid the risk of blood clots. Staying hydrated is also key.

3) If you have a pacemaker or ICD, try to request special security clearance with a hand search at the airport.

4) Don’t take a vacation from eating well and exercise. Walk daily, or exercise for at least 30 minutes everyday (as long as your physician has given you the green light for exercise). And get plenty of ZZZZs. Follow a healthy diet, as much as possible. Opt for chicken or fish with plenty of vegetables, and choose fruit for dessert. Don’t forget to pass on those salty snacks.

5) Avoid going overboard on alcohol. Along with adding extra calories, binge drinking can result in heart palpitations, light-headedness and difficulty breathing.

6) Don’t overload your vacation schedule with too many activities. Remember, vacations are supposed to be about reducing stress, not enhancing it.