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“Very satisfied with the care my husband received at the centre.”

-Bernadette N.


“Pace Clinic staff and Dr. Khaykin are fantastic. They have literally saved my husband’s life, more than once. They are involved, attentive and informative. They are constantly looking into new and innovative ways to help cardiac patients. We have never experienced such great care from any doctor in Ontario’s public funded system. It also great to be able to actually email the clinic after hours and get a response.”

-Norma J.


“Very professional office, caring and efficient. Doctor received results when promised.”

-Victoria Y.


“Dr. Dibble is an incredible cardiologist and is passionate about what he does. He really cares about his patients.”

-Laura J.


“All of you are to be praised and thanked for the your cheerful spirit and enthusiasm that is shown to one another and to the myriads of patients who seek your services. Because I had arrived early to my appointment to be fitted with a 48-HR-HOLTER, I had the opportunity to see the smooth and compassionate treatment that was rendered to the folks that particular Wednesday morning. Your P.A.C.E. clinic name should actually stand for: PATIENTLY (AND PROFESSIONALLY!) ACCEPTING CHALLENGES EVERY DAY. I have been part of several clinics and hospitals over the years, and your team is indeed a superlative group! May your zest for providing such care be evident to all!”

-Dr. Helen W.


“YOU NEED TO BE TOLD CATHERINE SEABROOK!!! (Catherine Seabrook is nurse at PACE) YOU’RE AWESOME! DOUG AND KELLY WANT TO THANK YOU!!! LOTS OF GRATITUDE FOR YOUR CONTINUED EFFORTS AND DEDICATION!!! Doug’s home at 7:45am snoring and a happy camper with hope for a normal heart rhythm. Hugs for Dr. Khaykin too !!”

-Kelly and Doug S.


“Dr. Cohen is one of the best there is.”

-Colleen C.


“The care that I receive at PACE Cardiology is wonderful. You can’t get any better than what they do for you. We are lucky to have them! Dr. Khaykin is simply marvellous! I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone.”

-Clark B.


“I have been a patient at PACE Cardiology for 6 years, and my experience has been great. My (cardiac) procedure has been life changing. I’m so happy I went through with it because I was very nervous. I would definitely recommend PACE’s services to family and friends. I might even get a tattoo of PACE to help promote the facility. LOL.”

-Louise P.