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Written by: Katherine Elphick


With the recent opening of the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre’s expanded cardiac program, please be advised that Barrie now offers basic pacemaker implantation.

All complex device implantation (ICDs, leadless, left bundle branch and His bundle pacing, as well as bi-ventricular / cardiac resynchronization therapy) will continue to be offered exclusively at Southlake, along with basic pacemaker implantation.

The Southlake Heart Rhythm Program will continue to manage all pacemaker referrals through the Triage office and will distribute some of the referrals made out to Southlake to RVH.

For physicians specifically wishing to refer patients for non-emergent device implantation by the Southlake Electrophysiology Team (Drs. Yaariv Khaykin, Atul Verma, Alfredo Pantano and Bernice Tsang), please send these referrals directly to PACE Cardiology (fax 1-855-239-1623). Our referral sheet can be found at # hashtag#pacemaker hashtag#cardiology hashtag#electrophysiology hashtag#cardiac