Patient Care

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The PACE Patient Experience

Patient care is our top priority. With our professional staff, we work together and strive for
a positive clinical experience. Without delay, we move our patients through PACE in the most efficient way. Providing patients with same day diagnostic results, we are able to act appropriately and effectively to their specific cardiac need and care.

Community Integration

Since PACE is affiliated with SRHC, a Canadian and World leader in cardiovascular care and Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre in Barrie, a growing regional centre that provides advanced cardiovascular care in partnership with SRHC, we provide our patients with proper care and support in their cardiac assessment to the final stages of after care and reassessment post surgery or invasive procedures. Patient follow ups are based on individual needs. We accommodate urgent and new patient consultations as well as urgent follow ups. PACE is also pleased to offer an echo only location at Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital in Orillia.

We are proud to say that we support our community in all local and surrounding regions of Ontario, including as far north as Collingwood, North Bay, Owen Sound, Orillia, and Sudbury. We also have had patients come to us from all over the world for treatments and one-on-one consultations.


PACE has taken the time and commitment to invest in both diagnostic and medical equipment and software technologies to utilize the best possible patient care. PACE is one of the only cardiac clinics that uses an electronic paperless system, which speeds up our process of not having to fill out forms and endless amounts of paperwork to create charts. Having everything electronic allows us to directly focus on our patients’ healthcare instead of spending endless hours of charting. Assisted by sophisticated diagnostic equipment, we can send our reports and results with our electronic medical software anywhere needed.


We can accommodate various patients since we have a wide array of cardiologists with enhanced cardiac specialties. Working side by side in our clinical settings with highly advanced and qualified technologists, we’re able to produce same day results and have same day consultations, which is very convenient for our patients that come from abroad.